Opening Hours

  • Sundays through Thursdays
  • Fridays and holiday eves
  • Saturdays and holidays

Entrance prices

  • Single adult ticket: 22 NIS
  • Single Child ticket (3-12 y): 15 NIS
  • Concessions: 15 NIS Senior citizens, Israeli soldiers, Handicapped person, Ein-Gedi Field School guests, Ein-Gedi Hostel guests, University students


For booking or details on group tours and activities please contact:

Botanic Garden Tours

  • Independent tour using a map
  • Guided tour (please reserve in advance)
  • A tour of the botanical garden on a tractor drawn wagon (please reserve in advance)
  • Perfume garden beds tour (please reserve in advance)
  • A tour of the botanic garden at night (please reserve in advance)

What can you expect to see in the garden?

Botanic Garden – The flowerbed where experiences grows

Within the garden grow about 1000 plant varieties. Here you can find Baobab trees from Africa alongside tropical plants from Madagascar, Cacti from desert regions of the world and more.

The garden offers several attractions such as: A viewpoint of the magnificent landscape from special observation points, a display of rocks from the Dead Sea area, signs depicting birds in the garden and its surroundings and the perfume garden beds including medicinal herbs, spices and perfumes from the Biblical period.

Kibbutz History Museum – A peek into the hidden roots

The museum tells the story of the people who established the settlement, when the hill on which the Kibbutz is built today was still empty and desolate. Here you will find out how babies were cared for during the first years of the Kibbutz existence, when was the first road paved, how food was delivered while floods cut off the way to the Kibbutz and more.

A fascinating glance into the lives of the pioneers who built the Kibbutz and to the changes over the years through pictures, texts and historical exhibits.

The museum opening hours:

Sunday through Saturday 8:30-16:00

Friday 8:30-14:00

Looking for more? Join us and pick some more experiences!

The Botanic Garden office – Information, shop and plant nursery

Here you can begin the tour with a short

Video featuring the garden, coffee, soft drinks, dates, cosmetic products and souvenir shopping. The site also includes a small nursery, where you can buy some of the botanic garden unique plants.

Baobar – Coffee, Bar, Restaurant

The “Baobar” is a coffee shop located in Ein-gedi Hotel. It offers light dairy dishes, served in a site surrounded by the wonderful view of the Dead Sea on the one direction and the Baobab trees on the other.

While you are dining, the children can play on the large lawn adjacent.

Next to the “Baobar” is the Hotel’s shop, where you can find souvenirs, cosmetic products and more.

For more details click here

Workshops and lectures

Have you ever practiced Pilates or Yuga under a giant Ficus? Have you dyed fabrics using an ancient Japanese technique in front of the Dead Sea view? You can book these activities in our garden.

Enjoying a musical performance

Original cover versions of unforgettable songs from the 60`s & 70`s, performed by a singer and musicians from the Ein-Gedi. The musical performance (half an hour long) can be combined with a botanic garden tour. It can also include a coffee and a cake.

Synergy Spa

The perfect way to finish your experience in the garden.

The luxurious Spa is situated at the breathtaking point where the sea and desert converge – revealing the Dead Sea and its thousands of shades of blue in one direction and the Judean Desert in the other.

The Synergy Spa includes: Sauna, Turkish bath, heated Dead Sea water pool, sweet water pool, complementary beverage and refreshments corner, 12 treatment rooms and resting lounge (additional fee for some of the rooms).

Please contact us at:

Ein-Gedi Sea of Spa

The luxurious spa offers many treatments and activities, as well as some unique perks. The site include thermo-mineral pool, sweet water pool, private beach, shuttles to the sea and back, shuttles from the hotel to the site, restaurant, cafeteria, cosmetics store, area for applying black mud and resting lounge.